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If We Have Transgender, Are We To Have Trans-Sanity?

There is an old Jimmy Stewart movie called Harvey, where a crazy drunk man sees and talks to a six-foot invisible rabbit.  By the end of the movie, the sane people are talking with the non-existent rabbit. What is worse, an … Continue reading

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Who Can Help Us Out of Our Confusion Over Trans?

The modern trend toward trans-ing things seems to be continuing. Not content to be transgender, now we have transracial. The first well-known person to identify as another ethnicity than the body they are in was Rachel Dolezal, the white woman … Continue reading

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Marriage Has Now Been Redefined to Mean Nothing

We now see that people are marrying themselves. The latest is a woman in Italy, although it seems to be increasingly common. See the news story here. We now see that marriage has come to mean nothing. This woman has … Continue reading

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The Castration of the Western Male

Mike Royko was a newspaper columnist from Chicago. His father was a milkman in that city in the 1930s.  As Royko tells it, someone attempted to rob his father, and here was his response: “One morning, before dawn, a guy … Continue reading

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How Should We React To Muslim Desires in the Western World?


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What is the Mess We Are in, and How Did We Get Here?

Liberal churches have accepted aberrant theologies, or even heresies, while conservative churches have disconnected faith from reason and disconnected the church from the culture. Here we explore the causes of this condition and give some examples of the problems. Influential … Continue reading

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What Will it Take For Us to Realize We Are at War?

We have lost the lesson that was learned from the mistakes of Neville Chamberlain. How long will it take for us to learn it again?  

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