Who Can Help Us Out of Our Confusion Over Trans?

The modern trend toward trans-ing things seems to be continuing. Not content to be transgender, now we have transracial. The first well-known person to identify as another ethnicity than the body they are in was Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who was working at the NAACP as a black woman. When it came out that her parents were both of white European decent, she was fired.

We now have the case of a white male born as Adam, who changed his name to Ja Du and is telling everyone that he is actually Filipino (see the story here). Since he thinks he is internally a Filipino, why, we should have no hesitation to consider him one.

We must be very careful, since modern liberals tell us that it is a moral crime to, on one hand, reject a person’s internal identity, and equally horrible to appropriate someone else’s culture. If I merely like Filipino food and open a Filipino restaurant, the liberals are quick to call me morally reprehensible for stealing someone else’s cultural identity. But if I am internally Filipino, then it is a crime to not accept me for what I claim to be internally.  It is so hard these days to satisfy the social justice warriors.

The social justice warriors appear confused. Some of them tell us there is a fundamental difference between a person’s gender identity and their racial identity. They tell us that we should accept a transgender person but reject a transracial person. Why is this so? Well, because it just is. Their sophistry against transracial claimants never seems to give many reasons other than we ought not confuse the two.

So now have a fairly good list of people whose internal mental state does not align with external reality:

  • The increasing numbers of people such as Miley Cyrus who self-identify as gender fluid, being neither a fixed male nor female, but moving between genders.
  • The people who believe they are male or female even though they are biologically the other gender.
  • Ja Du, the white man who believes he is Filipino.
  • The man who was born Richard Hernandez, who claims to have changed to a transgendered female, who then now changed himself into a reptile.
  • Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who self-identifies as black. She was fired from her job at the NAACP.
  • The Norwegian woman who believes she is a cat accidentally born in a human body.
  • The natural born biological man locked into a psychiatric hospital who believed he was pregnant.

So now we have enough specific examples to ask a legitimate question: How long should society go along with someone whose internal mental state does not align with reality? To be consistent and fair, we cannot fire Rachel Dolezal from her job while accepting and encouraging transgendered people. How can we be consistent?

In the midst of our quandary we are referred to a certain Dr. Stacey Scheckner. Being a licensed psychologist, she is somehow qualified to tell society what we should accept morally. She tells us that we should consider “who they really feel inside” and “life is about finding out who you are. The more knowledge you have of yourself, the happier you can be.”

Rather, there is a much more sensible approach. If someone’s internal mental state does not align with reality, we should help them to align their mental state with what is real. In actual fact, a person born white is not of African or Filipino decent. And a person born male is not female, no matter what their internal mental state is.

A much better source of guidance comes from the Bible, which has more than a little to say about the human condition. The Bible tells us in no uncertain terms that we cannot know ourselves fully, and if we did, we would not like what we find there. “The heart is deceitful above all things, and desperately wicked; Who can know it?” (Jeremiah 17:9) The most deceived person is the self-deceived person. What modern social justice warriors, psychologists, and liberals should realize is that all people are confused in their inner being. Searching inside a sick person is not the place to find health. Rather, to cure the sick we must look to a healthy person, even a physician. Jesus is called the Great Physician, and has the cure for the human condition: creating us as a new person from the inside out.

Left to ourselves, we are all confused and without a moral compass. When we look to the wisdom of the ages in the Bible, we find that we have a sure moral guidance. Jesus tells us that He will direct our path.


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  1. Regual Llegna says:

    “…but moving between genders”
    – The same effect and results that bixesual.

    – And Elizabeth Warren AKA “Pocahontas”, obviously for political victimhood points.

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