How Far Do We Go In Accepting People’s Feelings When They Contradict Reality?

Do we define people according to their feelings or according to external reality?

I previously wrote about the consequences of accepting people’s self-described sexual identity and what it might cost society (see here).  That article upset some people who are in my sphere of personal interaction. Some thought the view was callous and no doubt others thought it to be offensive.

Since that post we have had a few interesting cases in the news. First we had the case of Rachel Dolezal, a black woman who was a head of a local chapter of the NAACP. The only slight problem is that she was actually white. She self-identified as black because in her mind she says she is black. (see here)

More recently we have learned of a Norwegian woman who thinks she is a cat who accidentally landed in a human body (see here).  That she claims to have been born this way should make Lady GaGa proud. This woman says she realized from an early age that she was actually a cat and that at birth there was some sort of genetic situation that left her in the wrong body.

We then turn to Miley Cyrus, who has claimed to be gender fluid, finding a single gender to be too confining. She has supported such cases, promoting at least one teenager who claimed the same gender fluidity. One day they feel more male, the next leaning more toward female. One wonders what box they check on the application forms.

In still another case, a friend who worked at a local psychiatric hospital tells me they once had a male patient who thought he was pregnant. Even though this one claimed to be human, he was obviously not actually pregnant, but was convinced he was, and no amount of logic would convince him otherwise. The doctor jokingly quipped that the patient was not going to be released until he had his baby.

So what is the fundamental difference between these cases? In all of these situations we have people who are convinced in their minds that they are in fact different than the external reality. In one case we lock the poor man up and give him professional help to try to cure him, in another we find a little humor and quickly move on, in another we get slightly indignant that this person has headed a civil rights agency without actually experiencing a violation of civil rights. In three of the cases we hold them to actually be what the external reality says they are. But in the case of those who claim to be transgender, we ignore reality and hold them to be what they feel to be, accepting them going to medical doctors to become more like what their internal state believes they are.

What is the fundamental difference? If we accept the transgendered human as the opposite sex merely because they claim to have been wired this way, then what grounds do we have in firing the white person who wants to head a black civil rights agency? Indeed, what grounds do we have in hospitalizing the man who thinks he is pregnant? If we are to accept transgenderism based upon a person’s claims about their mental state in clear opposition to their external reality, what grounds do we have in hospitalizing any person we claim to be delusional? Except for those who are a physical danger to someone, what grounds do we have for trying to correct any mental state whatsoever? On second thought, even in the case of us stopping a mentally ill person from hurting someone, are we not imposing an external reality onto their internal state, claiming them to be wrong? What grounds do we have of denying their mental state as false? And please do not come back to me by saying this is all just much foolishness, for was it not but a few years ago that accepting such sexual confusion would be considered equally silly?

The Bible tells us that if we plumb the human heart, we will not find bottom. Human experience proves this out, for we have yet to search the depths of the human situation. Until we re-align ourselves with the compass of God’s clear thinking, we will be forever mired in confusion brought about by following our own hearts. Jesus tells us that If the blind lead the blind, they will both fall into a ditch.


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4 Responses to How Far Do We Go In Accepting People’s Feelings When They Contradict Reality?

  1. Wes says:

    The post poses reasonable questions which draw o an equally reasonable position. Well put, sir.

  2. g.w says:

    It would appear the Supreme Court has decided they have the authority to decide between sanity and insanity by overturning conventional wisdom in an effort to bend to the loudest voices. In a society turned upside down good is now evil, and sanity now insane by proclamation.

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