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On the Atheists’ Demand for Evidence

When asked why they do not believe in God, a common atheist answer is that there is insufficient evidence, or more commonly, there is no evidence at all. In one online conversation I saw recently, one atheist said of God “There is … Continue reading

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Historical Details in Luke & Acts

In the next post, we will consider the census described in Luke chapter 2. Before we do so, we need to give some space to the overall accuracy of the author’s writings as a whole. Before we can rightly consider … Continue reading

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Nothing Cannot Cause Any Thing

If ever there was a time when absolutely nothing existed, there would still be nothing, for nothing cannot cause any thing to exist. All effects must have a cause, as even the king of the skeptics admitted, David Hume. To … Continue reading

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Does the Bible Speak of a Virgin Birth in Isaiah 7 and Matthew 1?

In Christianity, the virgin birth of Jesus is an essential doctrine since the sin nature is passed along from father to son. A natural-born person would have sin and thus not be able to save himself, let alone others. Since … Continue reading

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Hume on Skepticism

David Hume (1711 – 1776) was the king of the skeptics. Many, if not most, of the modern skeptical attacks on Christianity are warmed-over versions of what David Hume said more powerfully. Here are a couple of interesting tidbits that … Continue reading

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Does God Know His Own Future Decisions?

This is another in a series of questions, criticisms, and attacks posed by skeptics. Question: How can God know His future decisions? If God is all-knowing, how can He make any decisions at all, or choose one thing over another? … Continue reading

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Did Ezekiel Prophesy Correctly About Tyre? (Part 2)

In the first part, we learned that Ezekiel 26 predicts the fall of the city of Tyre, but this prophecy is actually about 17 separate prophecies. Although we will find out that all of them are true, we learned that … Continue reading

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