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Why God is Necessary for Rational Thought

The view presented to us by the modern worldview is that God is either nonexistent or unnecessary. We are told that everything in the physical world can ultimately be explained by the natural sciences. According to this atheistic view, everything … Continue reading

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One Atheist’s Journey To Christianity

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Is God Necessary for Us to Know Order and Purpose in the World?

Is it reasonable for us to be able to recognize order and purpose in the world if God does not exist? Thomas Nagel has written a very insightful book titled Mind and Cosmos: Why the Materialist Neo-Darwinian Conception of Nature … Continue reading

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Where is the Burden of Proof: Christianity or Atheism?

Christian &¬†Atheist discuss who has the burden of proof for their position. A: Since I am the only reasonable person here, the burden of proof lies with you theists. C: I readily welcome the burden of proof for my views, … Continue reading

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A. C. Grayling’s The God Argument: Another Disappointment

I recently picked up a copy of a new book, The God Argument: The Case Against Religion and For Humanism by A. C. Grayling. In seeing the book, my first thoughts went to the common and tired refrain from many … Continue reading

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Unpacking a Cosmologist’s Philosophy

Last night I watched the first part of a debate between William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll. Craig is a Christian philosopher and apologist who has dealt with cosmology, and Carroll is a physicist and cosmologist who has spoken against … Continue reading

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Why Does God Not Stop All Evil?

One of modern atheists’ and skeptics’ criticisms of God is that He should stop evil. They are fond of quoting horrible circumstance X, and saying that if God existed and was good, He would certainly, at a minimum, stop X. … Continue reading

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