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The Unreasonableness of Atheism

There is great post over at the Shadow To Light blog. You can find it here.¬†¬†That post reminds me of a statement made by Richard Howe, where he said this: When I was debating this atheist, I asked him, ‘what … Continue reading

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Let’s Hunker Down and Be Pious: Another Example of Misguided Bible Teaching

I have a presentation that I call What Is The Mess We Are In And How Did We Get Here? In the presentation, I review the history of western churches over the last 150 years, how they reacted to the … Continue reading

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Jeremiah 33 Predicts a Continual Heir of David over Israel. True or False?

Bible critics have claimed that the prophecies in Jeremiah 33:17-18 did not come to pass. Upon examination, the Bible is proven true and the critics shown to be in error. The Claim Jeremiah 33:17-18 says: For thus says the LORD, … Continue reading

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Sufficient Conditions for Free Moral Choice

I have written an eight part series on agency, which is the idea that people can indeed have free will and make free moral choices. The first of this series explains the importance of the issue and can be found … Continue reading

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A Less Crunchy Technique

The abortionists are going to try to use “a less crunchy technique.”

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The Abortion Industry and Planned Parenthood: What Fuels Their Machine?

Recently an undercover video has arisen of a senior Planned Parenthood officer talking frankly and openly about selling body parts of aborted babies. What is interesting to me is that this practice has been known for years in the pro-life … Continue reading

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Christian and Naturalist Discuss Free Will

Christian and Naturalist discuss free will. For the benefit of newcomers, the kalam cosmological argument goes like this: 1. What begins to exist has a cause. 2. The universe has a beginning. 3. The universe has a cause. N: I’ve … Continue reading

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