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If We Accept Transgender, Must We Accept Transspecie?

I have posted previously on the irrationality of accepting someone’s internal mental state that is contrary to external reality. The list I have documented includes the following: Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who self-identifies as black. She was fired from … Continue reading

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Do We Get Our Identity From God Or From Nature?

Question: 1) How much of a person’s identity is uniquely God-given, and how much is merely a combination of genes and environmental factors? Also, 2) how do we know that a human is not merely a highly sophisticated animal?  Response: These … Continue reading

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How Are Humans More Than Mere Matter?

This is another in a series of questions about the existence of God. Question: How are human beings more than just matter? At what point is the mind more than artificial intelligence can imitate, given the rapid progress of technology? Response: … Continue reading

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Was the Process for Establishing the Canon Inspired by God?

Question:  Was the process used for selecting the books of the Bible inspired by God? Response:  The way a question is phrased, and the assumptions it makes, often determines or biases the results. This question implies that there was a … Continue reading

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Why Do We Accept the Biblical Writers as Inspired?

This is another in a series of questions about the Bible. Question: Why do we accept the writings of some people as inspired books of the Bible, while the sayings of other prophets, ancient and modern, are not accepted as … Continue reading

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Is the Resurrection Credible?

The skeptic David Hume gave what is perhaps the greatest attack on the Bible ever given. Many of today’s Bible critics are borrowing from Hume’s ideas, even though most of them have never read Hume. In section 10 of his … Continue reading

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Dead Musicians, Dead Culture

As I write this, I have just learned that Keith Emerson blew his brains out last week. Emerson was a rock superstar, one of the biggest, highest-demand rock acts of the 1970’s. He joined the list of famous rock stars … Continue reading

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