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Did Ezekiel Prophesy Correctly About Tyre? (Part 4)

I earlier completed three posts about Ezekiel’s prophesy about the city of Tyre (for the first, start here). Additional research has given more clarity. This post presents additional conclusions concerning the history of the city and the nature of the prophesy … Continue reading

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How Dark Were the Dark Ages?

A good video from Prager U. I suggest starting reading Thomas Aquinas’ Summa Contra Geniltes.

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How Can We Tell If The Universe Has Design?

This is another in a series of questions about Christianity from critics and skeptics. Question: In most arguments from design, the universe is compared to a designed object. For example, Paley uses a watch to illustrate design, since we all know watches … Continue reading

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Why Do Atheists Search For Meaning?

On the Facebook page of a college atheist club, I read a post by one of the atheist leaders. He linked to a news article about a humanist couple who had formed a group to help people find meaning and purpose in life. The … Continue reading

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Some of the Most Educated People Are Christians

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The Unreasonableness of Atheism

There is great post over at the Shadow To Light blog. You can find it here.  That post reminds me of a statement made by Richard Howe, where he said this: When I was debating this atheist, I asked him, ‘what … Continue reading

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Let’s Hunker Down and Be Pious: Another Example of Misguided Bible Teaching

I have a presentation that I call What Is The Mess We Are In And How Did We Get Here? In the presentation, I review the history of western churches over the last 150 years, how they reacted to the … Continue reading

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