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Modern Sex: I Can’t Get No Satisfaction

As I write this, Hugh Hefner has recently died. He was the founder of Playboy magazine, the first magazine to feature nude women on prominent display. He started the magazine in 1953, when views of sex were much more puritan … Continue reading

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Marriage Has Now Been Redefined to Mean Nothing

We now see that people are marrying themselves. The latest is a woman in Italy, although it seems to be increasingly common. See the news story here. We now see that marriage has come to mean nothing. This woman has … Continue reading

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Did Monotheism Evolve from Primitive Religions?

When studying the history of religion, the question sometimes arises whether religion has evolved over time. Did religions start out as primitive, then slowly develop into more complex beliefs? Did religion start out as animism or polytheism, then change to … Continue reading

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Some Works on Evolution Worth Reading

Evolutionary biologists have, since Darwin, held that random mutations are filtered by natural selection to produce the biological life that we now see. Since Darwin they have spoken in generalities, assuming that the mutations at the sub-cell level are actually … Continue reading

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In the Flood of Noah, Did God Fail to Eliminate Evil?

This is another in a series of questions on the Bible. Question: The Bible says that God flooded the earth to remove evil. If this is true, He failed, for evil is still here. In fact, evil never went away, … Continue reading

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The Castration of the Western Male

Mike Royko was a newspaper columnist from Chicago. His father was a milkman in that city in the 1930s.  As Royko tells it, someone attempted to rob his father, and here was his response: “One morning, before dawn, a guy … Continue reading

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Aquinas, Free Choice, & Divine Sovereignty, Part 7

This is part seven in an intermittent series on Thomas Aquinas’ view of free choice and divine sovereignty. (To see the first six parts, do a search for “Aquinas, Free Choice” in the search bar.) In Aquinas’ Summa Theologia, 1.82.1, … Continue reading

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