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On Mass Murder

I submit that we have a good and evil problem in the US much more so than a mental illness problem or a gun problem. We can certainly talk about solving mental illness and gun issues, but both of those … Continue reading

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The Corruption of the Quran

This is a bit of an earth-shaking revelation. It will have far-reaching impact.

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Why do things act toward an end?

“At the heart of modern evolutionary theory is the so-called “struggle” for existence. And the question gradually dawns on us: Why do living things struggle to survive? Why do they struggle at all? Neither rocks nor electrons appear to struggle … Continue reading

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My Disagreements With The Virus Response

What are we to think of the current response to the covid-19 coronavirus? We are told that the disease is so deadly that it could overwhelm the medical communities’ ability to deal with it. Italy’s medical community seems stretched, and … Continue reading

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Does Dispensationalism Teach Two Modes of Salvation? (Part 3)

As a bible teacher and dispensationalist, I would periodically hear people make the claim that dispensationalism teaches two salvations. I found this very curious, for although I am no longer, I have been a member of two dispensational churches for … Continue reading

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Does Dispensationalism Teach Two Modes of Salvation? (Part 2)

As we said in Part 1, (see here) any system at its core, dispensationalism included, can only be measured by the bulk of its teachers. We do not claim that every single person claiming to be a dispensationalist is orthodox, … Continue reading

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Mathematical Problems with Darwin

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Does the Bible Teach Socialism?

Some people have made the claim that the Bible teaches socialism, and the proper biblical view is that of some sort of socialist economic or governmental system. For example, writer Obrey Hendricks, Jr. has made a strong claim to this … Continue reading

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Can We Trust Josephus When He Mentions Jesus?

In the first century, the Romans had a Jew named Josephus to write a history of the Jewish people and the wars that took place in Israel. Josephus’ book Antiquities of the Jews  mentions Jesus twice. The first is brief and … Continue reading

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Can God Learn Anything? (Omniscience & Truth Claims)

In a podcast (transcript here), William Lane Craig says the following: Dr. Craig: . . . If God is in time then there are tensed truths. That is to say, there are propositions which have verbs in them that are … Continue reading

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Atheist Comments on the Moral Law

If God did not exist, what would be the impact on morality? For the answer, let’s look to those who say that the only things that exist are natural forces: Morality is a biological adaptation no less than our hands … Continue reading

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Dr. James Tour: The Problems Evolution Must Overcome

This is an excellent talk by Dr. James Tour, who is a top-tier scientist in his field. He manages to make this both understandable for those not academics in biology and challenging for those who are. I encourage you to … Continue reading

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The Absurdity of Something Arising Without A Cause

The king of skeptics, David Hume, taught that we cannot be certain of even common things that happen around us. He claimed that even when one billiard ball hits another, we cannot be sure that the first caused the movement … Continue reading

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At What Level Should the Church Be Involved With Social Issues?

I was saved in an independent, non-denominational evangelical church. That particular church was very involved in social issues. They had a social issues committee that would try to influence culture and a letter writing committee that would meet to write … Continue reading

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Luke Shows Accurate History

In the fifteenth year of the reign of Tiberius Caesar—when Pontius Pilate was governor of Judea, Herod tetrarch of Galilee, his brother Philip tetrarch of Iturea and Traconitis, and Lysanias tetrarch of Abilene— during the high priesthood of Annas and … Continue reading

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The Cumulative Argument Against Evolution

Evolution is a topic that raises emotions on several sides of the discussion. By itself it is not a subject that should divide people, whether disagreements be between Christians or atheists or faculty members of respected universities. It does divide, … Continue reading

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Systems of Systems Require a Good Designer

We think of science as providing modern conveniences, but in actuality scientists provide less of the things that make our lives more enjoyable than we realize. Instead, engineers take the things of science and make them work in practical ways. … Continue reading

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Fragments of Truth

I saw a new documentary titled Fragments of Truth (see here). It features Dr. Craig Evans, who leads us through a series of locations, libraries, and archaeological digs to tell a story of early Bible manuscripts. The film also includes … Continue reading

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Can Animals Be Guilty of Hate Crimes?

A somewhat bizarre news story recently arose where a man tried to create a joke that backfired. His girlfriend had a too cute pug dog, and he taught the dog to do a Nazi salute upon the command “Do you … Continue reading

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Is the Bible to be Taken Literally?

Billy Graham’s recent death brought many people in the press to recognize and compliment his life. In one article, a columnist published an article doing just that. The headline talked about Billy Graham, and the first third of the article … Continue reading

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Ancient Mosaic Presents Jesus as God

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient mosaic that presents Jesus as God. You can read about it here. Since this dates to about 230 AD, and directly mentions “God Jesus Christ,” it is just one more proof that Jesus has always … Continue reading

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Purposelessness Contrasted with Love

Agnostic / atheist Bertrand Russell wrote a clear description of the atheist worldview: That Man is the product of causes which had no prevision of the end they were achieving, that his origin, his hopes and fears, his loves and … Continue reading

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A Fantastic Story on the Life of Muhammad

Ibn Ishaq was a biographer of Islamic prophet Muhammad. He collected stories of the prophet which can now be found in his book The Life of Muhammad: Apostle of Alllah. The book was written in the early years after the … Continue reading

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A General Evaluation of Christopher Hitchens

I recently watched an online video of atheist Christopher Hitchens. He was apparently speaking at a Freedom Fest in 2008. Hitchens was quite influential, and to read the comments to the video, he was much beloved and missed by atheists. He … Continue reading

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Christian and Atheist Discuss the Cause of the Universe and the Easter Bunny

Christian and Atheist discuss the Easter Bunny and the cause of the universe. A: You xtians are so silly. You believe in a great god in the sky. Us reasonable people do not believe in fantasies like the Easter Bunny. … Continue reading

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Roman Catholics are Correcting an Infallible Source

We have recently seen a rather unusual event in Roman Catholicism. Pope Francis issued a document called Amoris Laetitia (The Joy of Love). In it, the Pope moved in the direction of softening the Roman Catholic Church (RCC) stance on … Continue reading

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Ken Ham’s Uncharitable Inaccuracies

A few weeks ago I attended the National Apologetics Conference, sponsored by Southern Evangelical Seminary (SES). One of the sessions was a moderated discussion between Dr. Richard Howe and Mr. Ken Ham on the topic “God’s Word or Man’s Word: … Continue reading

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Minute Details in Acts Show an Accurate Eyewitness Account

In Acts 13, we find Paul the apostle traveling around the Mediterranean region. This chapter is typical of the last half of Acts, in that it mentions a series of minute details about local geography and people: v.1: mentions several … Continue reading

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If We Have Transgender, Are We To Have Trans-Sanity?

There is an old Jimmy Stewart movie called Harvey, where a crazy drunk man sees and talks to a six-foot invisible rabbit.  By the end of the movie, the sane people are talking with the non-existent rabbit. What is worse, an … Continue reading

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Is There Academic Bias In the Sciences?

I readily admit that I am not trained in any of the technical sciences, nor in math. Therefore I rarely comment on these fields, and usually then only to quote an expert who has published in the field. I hold … Continue reading

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