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Ancient Mosaic Presents Jesus as God

Archaeologists have discovered an ancient mosaic that presents Jesus as God. You can read about it here. Since this dates to about 230 AD, and directly mentions “God Jesus Christ,” it is just one more proof that Jesus has always … Continue reading

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Minute Details in Acts Show an Accurate Eyewitness Account

In Acts 13, we find Paul the apostle traveling around the Mediterranean region. This chapter is typical of the last half of Acts, in that it mentions a series of minute details about local geography and people: v.1: mentions several … Continue reading

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Does Secular Historian Josephus Give Historical Corroboration to the New Testament?

Flavius Josephus was a historian in first century Rome. Of Jewish heritage, he was commissioned by the Romans to write a history of the Jewish people. Josephus mentions Jesus in two passages, one very brief and a second in more … Continue reading

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What is the Mess We Are in, and How Did We Get Here?

Liberal churches have accepted aberrant theologies, or even heresies, while conservative churches have disconnected faith from reason and disconnected the church from the culture. Here we explore the causes of this condition and give some examples of the problems. Influential … Continue reading

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Did Ezekiel Prophesy Correctly About Tyre? (Part 5)

The Origin of Tyre Whether Tyre originated on the land or the island seems to be in some dispute, but for our purposes it is not relevant. Neither is it relevant to determine the¬†location or influence of Tyre in the … Continue reading

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Do the Details of Jesus Birth Agree in Matthew & Luke?

This is another in a series of questions from critics about the Bible. Question: Matthew’s account of Jesus birth seems to differ from Luke’s. They seem to start from different places and they¬†travel to different places. Matthew has Jesus, Mary, … Continue reading

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Did Aquinas Bring Greek Philosophy Into Christianity?

Periodically we hear the accusation that we should not bring in philosophy, particularly Greek philosophy, into Christian theology. Tertullian is often quoted as saying “What has Jerusalem to do with Athens?” Also, is it not true that the apostle Paul … Continue reading

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