Possible Archeological Find of Early Christianity

A collection of books has reportedly been found in the mideast, allegedly showing a great deal about early Christianity. The find has just made the news, so it is too early to tell the significance of the find. But the reports tell of a collection of 70 books dated near the middle of the first century, just a few years after Christianity began. The news story can be found here.

We must emphasize that extreme caution must be taken before any conclusions are drawn. The ancient relic market has many shenanigans that go on, such as forgeries, over-zealous professors trying to make a name for themselves, etc. So it is WAY to early to make any claim whatsoever, but this one should be an interesting thing to keep an eye on. If genuine, 70 books from this era would shed a great deal of information on early Christianity.


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One Response to Possible Archeological Find of Early Christianity

  1. humblesmith says:

    Wikipedia has started a collection of news articles and professional comments about these objects. You can find it here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jordan_Lead_Codices

    As of this writing, the opinion of the professionals appears to be leaning toward forgery.

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