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Aquinas, Free Choice, & Divine Sovereignty, Part 7

This is part seven in an intermittent series on Thomas Aquinas’ view of free choice and divine sovereignty. (To see the first six parts, do a search for “Aquinas, Free Choice” in the search bar.) In Aquinas’ Summa Theologia, 1.82.1, … Continue reading

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Human Agency is Consistent with First Mover Arguments

In considering arguments for the existence of God, we sometimes encounter the argument of the first mover, now often referred to as the first cause. This first cause argument comes into play when we try to speak of human agency, … Continue reading

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Hume’s Explanation of Cause and Effect

In David Hume’s An Inquiry Concerning Human Understanding, he includes a section on the connection between cause and effect. He draws examples such as one billiard ball moving and striking another, then the second ball moving. Hume goes to some … Continue reading

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If We Communicate Meaningful Messages, Atheism is False

Atheists are fond of telling us that we do not have free will. Atheist writer Sam Harris has made a book-length explanation of why he believes all human thoughts and actions are predetermined. In his book Free Will he states “One … Continue reading

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Nothing Cannot Cause Any Thing

If ever there was a time when absolutely nothing existed, there would still be nothing, for nothing cannot cause any thing to exist. All effects must have a cause, as even the king of the skeptics admitted, David Hume. To … Continue reading

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Is Christianity the Only Way?

This is another in a series of questions about the truth of Christianity. Question: Why do we believe that Christianity is the only way, as opposed to other religions? People in other religions, such as Buddhism or New Age, claim … Continue reading

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What is the Difference Between Realist vs. Analytic Philosophy?

Realist philosophy starts with what we observe in the world, while analytic philosophy starts with a thought problem and reasons to what is true in the world. Most modern thinking is analytic, which is one reason philosophy is not taken … Continue reading

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