Another Atheist Converts to Christianity

Another atheist has converted to Christianity. My atheists friends will no doubt be quick to tell me that we do not add up conversions to get to the truth, and they are correct. Surely there are also people who were raised non-atheist who become atheists. Nevertheless, you can read the story of this former-atheist-now-Christian here.

The interesting fact of this particular person, Leah Libresco, is that she was raised atheist from birth, her parents were both atheist, and religion was not in her upbringing. “I grew up on Long Island, where most of the people I knew were non-religious Jews. So, religion was so far from most of our minds…”  And as she explains, “There wasn’t really a time when I wasn’t an atheist. My parents are both atheists, so that’s how I was raised.

Further, she was educated, having graduated from Yale university with a degree in political science, a subject that often has a clash of ideas. More surprisingly, Libresco was a writer for the liberal Huffington Post and a rather popular atheist blogger.

What was the main idea that got through to her? The moral argument for the existence of God. You can find out more about the moral argument here and here.

Popular atheists today tell us that people like Libresco are not supposed to happen. Atheists like to think that all people of faith check their brains at the door. Yet if we just look around, we find many thinking people becoming believers in Jesus. You can find more atheists who have converted here.


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