If We Accept Transgender, Must We Accept Transspecie?

I have posted previously on the irrationality of accepting someone’s internal mental state that is contrary to external reality. The list I have documented includes the following:

  • Rachel Dolezal, the white woman who self-identifies as black. She was fired from her job at the NAACP.
  • The Norwegian woman who believes she is a cat accidentally born in a human body.
  • The increasing numbers of people such as Miley Cyrus who self-identify as gender fluid, being neither a fixed male nor female, but moving between genders.
  • The natural born biological man at a psychiatric hospital who believed he was pregnant.
  • The people who believe they are male or female even though they are biologically the other gender.

You can see more about these here.

To this list we now add the man who was born Richard Hernandez, who claim to have changed to a transgendered female, who has now changing himself into a reptile. See the articles here and here.  The extent of body modification has crossed the line to self-mutilation. The list includes removing the ears, removing the nose, turning the whites of the eyes green, splitting the tongue, scarring the skin to look like orange peel, implanting horns, and full body tattoos to look like scales.

Further, he says on a blog that he prefers to be called an it, and also apparently is consciously “leaving my humanness behind and embracing my most natural self awareness as a mythical beast.” Apparently we are to believe that one can consciously leave human behind and become a beast. It’s new name is Eva Tiamet Medusa.

Why would someone do this? Its response is that the purpose was for “sexual pleasure, the shock value, and most important of all, personal gratification and spiritual significance.”

So we are now expected to humor this confused person to gratify their odd sexual desire. Added to the list above, we now have enough actual cases of confused people that the issue is no longer a theoretical one, but a practical situation where peoples’ internal mental states clearly do not align with reality. Clearly, dragons do not exist. Equally clearly, this is a man who is mentally confused.

As a society, we should not be expected to accept a group of people’s internal mental states that do not align with external reality. Let us call transgenderism, and transpecieism, for what it is: mental confusion.

We are not doing these people any favors by accepting their world as if it were a healthy expression in society. In fact, a human is not a cat nor a dragon, white people are not black, men do not get pregnant, men are not women, and women are not men.

Without clarification, we have no basis for firing one of the people on the list, locking another up in a mental hospital, and accepting others with official recognition. Our society is in a grand social experiment to see if it can withstand redefinition without any working compass or map.


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2 Responses to If We Accept Transgender, Must We Accept Transspecie?

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  2. John Branyan says:

    The fact that posts like this are necessary is a clue about how chaotic and depraved our civilization has become. Another clue is when posts like this get labeled ‘bigoted’ and ‘hateful’.

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