Matt Dillahunty: Messin’ With The Kid

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6 Responses to Matt Dillahunty: Messin’ With The Kid

  1. Wes says:

    Wow – good going kid!!!!!
    So awesome to see 1 young person can see through the strawmen, and find out for himself the pros and cons of the atheist argument! Hope he keeps at it!!!

  2. JoeC says:

    I have heard the “Why would they die for a lie?” thrown out there for many years.

    The atheists are merely pointing out possible alternatives to the “Why” question to show that there could be other explanations. To point out that Alternate 1 conflicts with Alternate 2 is not a straw dog.

    It is interesting to note that if you go to the original Youtube video, all comments are blocked, which one may ask why, if you truly believe, would you not be willing to stand up to those who may disagree or welcome those who do agree.

    You could spend a few days going over this, but in the end, the best conclusion you could hope for on the side of the theists is that the martyrs actually believed he was the Son of God. If this is true, then why would Judas be willing to betray the Son of God for a mere handful of silver? I would be interested in your view of whether Judas is the betrayer most believe or was he merely Jesus’ pawn? Is he burning in Hell or was he Jesus’ right hand man who only did what Jesus wanted him to do.

    • humblesmith says:

      I think the criticism that the Christian apologists are responding to is that the apostles made up the whole affair and knew it was a lie. We never claimed that people cannot be deceived, which is what the atheists seem to be claiming. False prophets like Joseph Smith always run in the end.

      As for Judas, the answer gets a bit theological. In John 17 Jesus says he kept all those who the Father gave him except the “son of perdition” who we hold is Judas, and that was to fulfill prophecy. So part of the answer is that left to ourselves we will fall away like all sinful people do. By gods grace we are saved.

      So judas was likely not truly reborn in the first place, but it’s wise not to be too decisive about other peoples salvation.

      • JoeC says:

        I assume you have read the Gospel of Judas. What is your take on that? Or any of the other lost gospels such as Thomas or Mary?

        • humblesmith says:

          I have read the gospel of Thomas but not the others. When I read Thomas, it confirmed that it disagrees with the inspired scriptures and does not belong in the bible. It’s been a while since I read it, but if my memory is right it includes things like a woman needing to become a man to be reconciled with God, and other such things. I remember the phrasing being similar to the bible, but the concepts it teaches being very foreign to biblical concepts. The early church fathers knew more of these writings than us, and made good decisions.

          • JoeC says:

            “The early church fathers knew more of these writings than us, and made good decisions.”

            What do you base this on?

            The Gospel of Thomas is a list of things Jesus said. It did not meet early Christian’s approval because of the following:
            “12 The disciples said to Jesus, “We know that you are going to leave us. Who will be our leader?”

            Jesus said to them, “No matter where you are you are to go to James the Just, for whose sake heaven and earth came into being.””


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