Phil Robertson, Homosexuality, & the Bible

Phil Robertson, star of the television show Duck Dynasty, recently made the news when he was asked to give a list of sins, and he listed homexuality and about ten other sins. The homosexual rights lobby, which nowadays has a great deal of influence, created a media hubbub. Very soon I expect some reporter to interview a liberal Christian who will try to deny what the Bible clearly teaches, which is that homosexuality is a sin. This blog has already dealt with this, which you can find here: Homosexuality & the Bible.

Christians must quickly remind everyone that we are all sinners, and none of us can self-righteously hold any moral ground. The apostle Paul, speaking of himself, said “I am the chief of sinners,” using a present-tense verb. Phil Robertson wisely listed some of his own faults, which all of us can do if we are honest with ourselves. The main point of the Bible is that we are sinful, separated from God, and in need of being reconciled which can only come through Jesus Christ.


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