Marriage Has Now Been Redefined to Mean Nothing

We now see that people are marrying themselves. The latest is a woman in Italy, although it seems to be increasingly common. See the news story here.

We now see that marriage has come to mean nothing. This woman has married herself….I suppose she gave vows to herself, and promised to not cheat on herself. The advocates of plural marriage are across town telling us that any combination of sexes and quantities can come together and call themselves a marriage. Meanwhile, Miley Cyrus is still screaming about “marriage equality” at her concerts…..between curse words, that is.

While our culture has worked itself down to a new low, it has managed to redefine marriage to include everything, in which case it means nothing. This is precisely what traditional marriage advocates were warning about.

It was just the other day I heard someone in the news seriously advocating that a legal parent now be defined as “anyone who intends to raise the child.” When we lose the definition of marriage, and lose the definition of parent, what is left to hold together?

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3 Responses to Marriage Has Now Been Redefined to Mean Nothing

  1. Rebels will yell like that. Such a shame the majority of the Western world seems to be going down a militantly mandated tolerance for the sins of Romans 1:21-24.

  2. John Branyan says:

    Also out the window is the definition of ‘insanity’.

  3. Denzil - Life Sentences says:

    Maybe the breakdown of traditional/conventional marriage has led to it being defined?

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