Stalin, Christianity, & Communism

Joseph Stalin was a key leader in the early communist movement that took over Russia and formed the USSR. If there is any question as to the position that communism places on religion, Stalin left no doubt as to the answer. In an interview with a labor union delegate from the US, Stalin said the following:

STALIN: . . . The conditions of membership of our Party are: acceptance of the program and rules of the Party; absolute subordination to the decisions of the Party and its organs; payment of membership dues; and membership in one of the Party locals.

A DELEGATE: I often read of expulsions from the Party because of belief in God.

STALIN: I can only repeat the conditions of membership in our Party that I have just mentioned. We have no other condition.

Does that mean the Party is neutral towards religion? No, it does not. We carry on and will continue to carry on propaganda against religious prejudices. Our legislation guaranteed to citizens the right to adhere to any religion. This is a matter for the conscience of each individual. That is precisely why we carried out the separation of the Church from the State. But in separating the Church from the State and proclaiming religious liberty we at the same time guaranteed the right of every citizen to combat by argument, by propaganda and agitation any and all religion. The Party cannot be neutral towards religion and does conduct anti-religious propaganda against all and every religious prejudice because it stands for science, while religious prejudices run counter to science, because all religion is something opposite to science. Cases such as recently occurred in America in which Darwinists were prosecuted in court, cannot occur here because the Party carries out a policy of the general defense of science. The Party cannot be neutral towards religious prejudices and it will continue to carry on propaganda against these prejudices because this is one of the best means of undermining the influence of the reactionary clergy who support the exploiting classes and who preach submission to these classes. The Party cannot be neutral towards the bearers of religious prejudices, towards the reactionary clergy who poison the minds of the toiling masses. Have we suppressed the reactionary clergy? Yes, we have. The unfortunate thing is that it has not been completely liquidated. Anti-religious propaganda is a means by which the complete liquidation of the reactionary clergy must be brought about. Cases occur when certain members of the Party hamper the complete development of anti-religious propaganda. If such members are expelled it is a good thing because there is no room for such “Communists” in the ranks of our Party. (

Further documentation of Communist systematic persecution of religion is contained in Alexander Yakovlev’s book A Century of Violence in Soviet Russia, where the following statistics are telling:

Within the Russian Orthodox clergy the largest number of victims was claimed in 1937: nearly 140,000 persons were repressed that year, and of this total 85,300 were shot. In 1938 the figures were 28,300 repressed and 21,000 shot; in 1939 1,500 and 900; in 1940, 5,100 and 1,100. And finally, in 1941, 4,000 persons were repressed and 1,900 of them were executed. . . . Of Moscow’s 500 churches, 224 were left by 1 January 1930 and two years later only 87. Even the Cathedral of Christ the Savior was blown up. Before the revolution there were 28 monasteries in Yaroslavl province. By 1938 they were all closed down, and more than 900 churches were destroyed. . . . By 1963 the number of Russian Orthodox parishes had been reduced by more than half from the figure in 1953. In the summer of 1946, the Chruch of the Lesser Transfiguration was leveled in Moscow. (2002, Yale, p. 165)

If anyone has any questions as to the goals of Communism, there is no reason to doubt. Throughout the history of Communism, it has attempted to stamp out religion from society. It has killed and destroyed countless practitioners of religion where ever it has touched.

Communism bases its decisions on materialism. The result of death and destruction is a natural outcome of removing God and holding the created world as all that there is.

“They exchanged the truth about God for a lie, and worshiped and served created things rather than the Creator—who is forever praised. Amen.” (Romans 1:25)


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