Time to Support the Christian Service Brigade

I can heartily endorse the Christian Service Brigade, a program that trains young men to be leaders and shows them what it is like to be a disciplined man. You can find out more about the program here:  http://www.csbministries.org/

I was involved with my sons in CSB programs and found them to be excellent. The program also provides an opportunity for gifted men to invest in future generations in a way that will “train up a child in the way that he should go.” It is time to support the Christian Service Brigade.

By contrast, I can no longer support the Boy Scouts of America. Today they voted to allow homosexual youth to be active members, a move which will inevitably allow homosexual men to do the same. In an era when the Catholic church had a widespread problem with priests molesting young boys, they are now being asked to allow homosexuals to go camping with young boys. The BSA will now allow 17-year-olds who claim they are sexually attracted to 12-year-old boys to sleep together in tents. It also appears that the move will allow any sexual views, such as girls who claim they are actually transgendered boys and boys who cross dress. Further, the BSA counseling rules will force adults to counsel boys that this is a good, proper, and acceptable thing to do.

The statement issued today by the BSA said “While people have different opinions about this policy we can all agree that kids are better off when they are in Scouting.” No, we cannot all agree on this, for I cannot in good conscience counsel a single mother to allow her 11-year-old son to sleep in tents with homosexuals.

I spent a total of about 18 years in scouting as a scout and a leader. It is with sorrow and reluctance that I must encourage all those in scouting to leave the program. I also urge the BSA to remove the last line of the scout oath, for they can no longer ask scouts to be morally straight. It will also have to change the next to the last line in the scout law, for it is difficult to see how buggery can be clean.

In contrast, I can endorse the Christian Service Brigade. I was a leader in CSB for about five years, and I can say that the CSB programs are first rate. They teach boys to work toward a goal, how to be good citizens, and show them what it is like to be a godly father and husband.


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