Francis Collins and Richard Dawkins

A pretty good article about Francis Collins. He has a few comments about Richard Dawkins. You can find it here. Keep in mind that Francis Collins is arguably the leading expert in the human genome, having been appointed by the President to lead the Human Genome Project. In the past, he has described how his atheism was shaken by C. S. Lewis’ book Mere Christianity, resulting in his becoming a Christian.

Collins’ main points are that:

  • It is unreasonable to conclude that the universe came to be the way it is by chance.
  • Big Bang cosmology cannot answer the question of how matter came to be in the first place.

Collins claims that Richard Dawkins confided to him that “the most troubling argument for nonbelievers to counter is the fine-tuning of the unvierse.” Hence we have Dawkins’ books speaking of the appearance of design, and suggesting how we need to keep reminding ourselves that design is not really there. I am reminded of famous atheist Anthony Flew, who ultimately denied atheism due to intelligent design arguments.

While Collins’ conclusions are discussed by those on all sides, what is clearly irrational are the extreme claims by atheists about Christians. Collins existence disproves the atheist straw man and ad hominem arguments about Christians.

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