It’s always difficult and somewhat dangerous to try to predict future trends. But this has stopped few people, so here goes my attempt.

We have a trend in atheism that started with erudite academics like Hume, then continued through men like Bertrand Russell and Paul Kurtz, both of whom generally gave theists the common courtesy of a civil discussion, being quite good at argument and not so polished at persuasion. However, modern atheists such as Dawkins have resorted to common name calling, making ad hominem an artful hobby. They seem to have studied persuasion more than argument, for they are quite good at the former and not very good at all with the latter.

Meanwhile, down at the church, the theists have not been helping themselves. After the thoughtful men of the Reformation in the 1500’s, the church has been mired in church splits which sap energy from its purpose. After Kierkegaard, the church separated faith and reason, being happy to disconnect from society and not think through complex problems. This of course made the theists easy lambs to the atheist wolves.

If this trend continues, the ironic thing is that neither side will be thinking. The atheists will degenerate into angry, snarling mobs fit for an old Frankenstein movie, while the theists will be smiling as they help to hand ammo to their enemies.

Fortunately, the Bible has shown itself to be quite resilient whether or not its human handlers are doing their jobs. It also does a much better job of predicting the future than I, which is good.

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