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Skeptics vs. Christians: Let’s Be Reasonable

A question asked by some philosophers concerns how the soul interacts with the body. The allusion by skeptics is that since we do not know how the soul moves the mind and body, why then it must not be able … Continue reading

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A. C. Grayling’s The God Argument: Another Disappointment

I recently picked up a copy of a new book, The God Argument: The Case Against Religion and For Humanism by A. C. Grayling. In seeing the book, my first thoughts went to the common and tired refrain from many … Continue reading

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Can There Be An Infinite Series of Escapes From Kalam?

One of the demonstrations for the existence of God is the Kalam Cosmological Argument, which claims that the universe had a beginning, and therefore needed a beginner. At its root, it is quite simple, for anything that comes to be … Continue reading

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Why Did God Create Adam When He Knew He Would Sin?

This is another in a series of skeptical and critical questions about Christianity. Question: Why did God create Adam and Eve? If He knew mankind would sin and eventually need to be killed (Noah’s flood), why create Adam and Eve … Continue reading

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Old Testament Numbers Proven True

In the Old Testament book of 1 Kings, we find the following: 1 Kings 15:25:  Now Nadab the son of Jeroboam became king over Israel in the second year of Asa king of Judah, and he reigned over Israel two … Continue reading

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Creation, Evolution, The Courts, & Public Opinion

In the book Darwin Day in America, author John West shows how evolutionary thought, inspired by Charles Darwin and accepted by his followers, has impacted various parts of society. Far from mere biology, Darwin’s theory of random mutations filtered by … Continue reading

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If Evil, Then Good

It appears obvious to most people that we cannot have a crooked unless we first have a straight to measure it against. Sure, the crooked stick can exist, but the only way we know to call it crooked, instead of … Continue reading

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Pseudo Science

There have been a few recent reports that tell us that some science journal articles were fakes. One was in Nature, one in Science, and it was reported by Fox News. The problems are facilitated by the fact that professors … Continue reading

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God, Time, Acts, & Eternity

The question periodically arises whether God is in time or not. Theories of “A” time and “B” time keep the philosophers busy trying to untangle how an infinite, which necessarily must exist, can intervene in finite time. Part of the … Continue reading

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Unpacking a Cosmologist’s Philosophy

Last night I watched the first part of a debate between William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll. Craig is a Christian philosopher and apologist who has dealt with cosmology, and Carroll is a physicist and cosmologist who has spoken against … Continue reading

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Christian and Atheist Discuss Cosmology

The following is a fictional account inspired by watching part one of the debate between William Lane Craig and Sean Carroll. C: We are theists, and we have adequate explanations for why the world is. A: Silly man. We are … Continue reading

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Hard Questions for Christians

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Why Does God Not Stop All Evil?

One of modern atheists’ and skeptics’ criticisms of God is that He should stop evil. They are fond of quoting horrible circumstance X, and saying that if God existed and was good, He would certainly, at a minimum, stop X. … Continue reading

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Can We Prove Jesus’ Historical Miracles?

I recently encountered a discussion between an atheist and a Christian that went something like this: A: How do you know that Jesus did miracles and created the universe? Using your own reason, and without using the Bible, prove to me he did … Continue reading

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Response to Sam Harris The Moral Landscape

Sam Harris published a book titled The Moral Landscape. In it he attempts to hold to objective moral truth with a goal of human well being as self-evident. But he also holds that this objective moral truth is due to … Continue reading

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All Possible Worlds

Over on the Just Thomism blog there is a nice discussion about logical possibilities, what an omnipotent being can do, and the implications for possible worlds philosophy. You can see it here.  Being an aspiring Thomist, I have always been … Continue reading

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Was Aquinas An Apologist?

If people know anything about Thomas Aquinas, they know his “five ways” that give reasons for the existence of God. This section of Thomas’ writings is found in many introductory philosophy texts, and if a person has read anything of … Continue reading

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Christian and Athiest Talk About Hell

A: I can’t believe you Christians would really believe in a God that would want to send people to suffer in Hell forever. I hate the idea of a goody-two-shoes God who thinks like that. C: So you’d rather be … Continue reading

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Paul & The Greek Philosophers: An Apologetic

The Bible, in Acts 17:16-34, tells of when the apostle Paul is in Athens and addresses Greek philosophers. This passage can be shown to give support for the Bible as accurate history. Acts 17 has Paul speaking to the Epicurean … Continue reading

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Is Faith All That is Required For God to Be True?

This is the latest in a series of Q&A using questions from atheists and skeptics. Question:  I have often heard that faith is all that is necessary to know God. If we accept faith in God and the Bible as … Continue reading

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Ongoing Challenges to Evolution

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Who is Worthy of Following, Jesus or Muhammad?

Jesus in the Bible Jesus in the Quran Muhammad in the Quran Performed miracles (Mark 7:37) Performed miracles (Surah 2:253; 3:49; 5:110) Did not perform miracles (Surah 3:183; 6:37; 6:109; 13:8; 17:59; 17:90-95; 29:50-51)   Was sinless (1 Peter 2:22) … Continue reading

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The Gospel of Thomas vs. The Bible

Periodically we meet people who bring up the subject of extra-biblical writings such as The Gospel of Thomas. In various ways the claims are made that flawed human decisions were made about what books were to go into the Bible. … Continue reading

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Why Be Ethical?

I’ve been reading a book called The Geography of Good and Evil:  Philosophical Investigations by Andreas Kinneging (ISI Books, 2009). This book is no small oddity, since it includes two things not commonly found in modern books on ethics and … Continue reading

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Roman Catholic Worship of Objects

Roman Catholics pray to Mary and give her adoration. When protestants object and say this is giving Mary undue worship, Catholics respond with their official doctrine of making a distinction between what is given Mary and what is given Jesus. … Continue reading

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God, Job, and Little Johnny: A Lesson on Our Heavenly Father

Modern radical skeptics and atheists seem to have a great issue with God not explaining Himself fully. They react to passages where God declares things, makes judgements against people without taking the time to explain. One example is how God … Continue reading

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Matt Dillahunty: Messin’ With The Kid

(For the lyrics to the song, see here: )

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What If Operating Systems Were Religions?

A bit of levity for the software geek:  What if Operating Systems Were Religions? Possibly too much inside humor, but a bit of lightheartedness is needed sometimes.    

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The Bible as History: Minor Details in the Book of Acts

In Colin Hemer’s great work The Book of Acts in the Setting of Hellenistic History, the author goes to great length examining the minutia that Luke wrote into the New Testament book of Acts. Hemer makes several lists of different … Continue reading

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Sam Harris’ Morality

Atheist writer Sam Harris book The Moral Landscape includes Harris’ argument for a morality ultimately based in human experience of natural physical forces. His book includes the following: Many people seem to think that because moral facts relate to our … Continue reading

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