The Abortion Industry and Planned Parenthood: What Fuels Their Machine?

Recently an undercover video has arisen of a senior Planned Parenthood officer talking frankly and openly about selling body parts of aborted babies. What is interesting to me is that this practice has been known for years in the pro-life community, but was ignored by the media. If a pro-life person mentioned the subject in polite company, the pro-life person was thought to be a kook or an insensitive boor, or both. When video arises of the subject, the media still largely ignores it.

So here we have something akin to the Nazis making human-skin lampshades, yet the idea is relatively quickly swept under the rug. If nothing else, it is one more support for the fact that abortions are big business, and one of the biggest in the business is Planned Parenthood. They have a very well oiled money machine. It is oiled with the blood of the innocent.


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