Do Scholarly Skeptics Agree About Early Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection?

Gary Habermas is the world’s leading scholar on the resurrection of Jesus. This is not an exaggeration, for his research and publications are impeccable. He has researched every publication on the resurrection, ancient and modern.

In the presentation below, Habermas maintains that even using the sources that critics and skeptics accept, we can trace the reports for Jesus’ resurrection back to within 6 months to three years of the event. As he says in the video below, we do not have to depend on the memory of eyewitness accounts from many years later, even though the eyewitnesses are good enough.

In the New Testament, we have early writings, going back to less than a few seasons after Jesus actually rose from the dead.


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4 Responses to Do Scholarly Skeptics Agree About Early Evidence for Jesus’ Resurrection?

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  2. dwwork says:

    Reblogged this on Reasons For The Hope Blog and commented:
    I was fortunate to take a class on the resurrection taught by Dr. Habermas. If you ever have a chance to hear him speak do not miss the opportunity.

  3. John Paine says:

    I saw Gary Habermas give a presentation on this topic at the National Conference on Christian Apologetics in Charlotte last year. It was one of many highlights at the conference. We ran into him while we were checking into the hotel and had quite a nice chat. I wholeheartedly recommend the conference and this presentation to everyone.

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