The Cause of the Universe and the Great Divide

The origin of the universe and the resulting effects can be summed up in the simple fact that things do not arise without a cause. Some have objected by imposing some variation of the problem of induction, namely by saying we have not observed all events, therefore we cannot make conclusions about all events, or some such explanation. This is not reasonable, for such a view cannot be lived or applied to situations we encounter in life. David Hume tried to refute our ability to know cause and effect, and said that we cannot predict whether dropping a stone will extinguish the sun simply because dropping one has never extinguished it previously. This not reasonable. We routinely base our lives on the knowledge that we can predict what will happen next; we could not survive the next day if we ignored this. Men only apply such unreasonableness to origins of the universe, not anything else in life.

So we can be assured that nothing arises without a cause and denying this is unreasonable. The absurd lengths that atheists will go to deny a cause of the universe is best explained by their unwillingness to face the inevitable conclusion that if something external caused the universe, then just maybe, we just might have to answer for our actions some day. They go to unreasonable lengths, even to the point of dangling over the brink of absurdity, because they refuse to face even the slightest possibility that God exists. They can’t allow the thought that there might be a divine being on the other side of a great divide.

My friends, I can assure you that some day you will indeed be called to the top floor, corner office to answer for your deeds. But it’s really not so scary on this side of the divide. We live comfortable lives, we have fun, we study hard things, we do not handle snakes or go barefoot. But we do have the comfort of not having to carry around our guilt. He has taken that away for us. You’re welcome to try it. On this side of the divide, you’ll be much more comfortable when you get called by God to answer for your actions.


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