Does God Think?

Question: Many Christians believe that God is a thinking being, that he solves problems and makes a way for them when troubles come. Does God Think? If God is thinking, did he know his thoughts before he thought them? If so, again, where is his free will and how is God thinking at all if everything seems to be one uncontrollable thought?

 God cannot solve problems, since He already knows the answers from eternity.

Further, to think new thoughts and learn something would require God to change, which He cannot do. God is always the same, being “the same yesterday, today, and forever”(Heb. 3:8).

As to choices, being all-knowing from eternity does not impact free will. Since God is timeless, He has no befores and afters, therefore all His actions are made from eternity. There was never a time when God had not made choices, since none of His choices were made in any type of sequence. Just because humans often think in sequences before making a choice, it does not follow that a timeless, changeless being must make choices in some sort of sequence as well. We can imagine a case where a human makes a choice without advanced consideration. There is no particular reason why God would then require discursive thought prior to making a decision, especially since He already knows everything.

Therefore God can interact with His creation, solving our messes and acting in the world out of love, but does so from an act on His part that originated not in time but in eternity.

Actually, free will is a bigger problem for the atheist. For if God does not exist, then all things are material and the only forces at work are blind physics and chemistry. As Richard Dawkins has stated, the universe has “no design, no purpose, no evil and no good, nothing but blind pitiless indifference.” Since the human mind is part of this universe, the human mind, in the atheist worldview, cannot have design or purpose, and can only be blind indifference, a product of purely natural forces. Many atheists have thought this through and come to the conclusion that humans have no free will. (see here.)




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