How Can I Know I’m Not God?

Several religions and belief systems hold humans to be God. We can know this is not the case for the following reasons:

  • God is the first cause of all that is, what Aquinas described as the first mover, the unmoved mover. A first cause is required because an infinite string of causes is most absurd, since 1) no one can traverse an infinite, and we are at the end of all moments that came before this one, and 2) the current sustaining of¬†everything we observe and experience requires an ongoing cause, and that cause cannot require a cause or else we are stuck in an infinite series with every item in the series needing something else to support it. If everything needed something else to support it, nothing would be supporting. As Aquinas pointed out, if a stone is moved by a stick held in the hand, there must be something stationary that is generating the movement, or else the stone would not move. Thus there is a first cause of all there is.
  • The first cause must be uncreated, for everything created needs a cause, which we eliminated above. All things created are finite, having a beginning.
  • God is therefore uncreated and infinite. Infinite beings do not grow or increase, for then they would not have been infinite prior to the growth.
  • We, however, have a beginning, grow, and learn. Since we are finite beings, we are not God.
  • Religions that hold that we are God do not have a sufficient explanation for why we must learn we are God. If we were indeed God, it is unreasonable that we would forget we are God and have to learn it. The same is true for other human attributes, such as sin, love, and wisdom.

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6 Responses to How Can I Know I’m Not God?

  1. holly says:

    Unsupported assumptions,…..
    How do you know you are not in a hologram or many other things?

    • humblesmith says:

      This hints at a classic problem in philosophy, namely that of skepticism. The problem is usually presented something like a challenge to prove we are not a brain in a vat or stuck in some sort of Matrix movie.

      The answer has already been given:

      • holly says:

        Your first claim is an unsupported assertion. “god is the first cause of alll that there is” . How would you support this claim. How does it have any more weight than the assertion that we may very well be living in a hollogram? (please note the use of a scientific article as opposed to a philosophical one.

        • Josh says:

          You’ve never read Thomas Aquinas, have you? Once you read him, your question will appear as silly as saying “Your claim that red is a color is an unsupported assertion”.

          Your “hollogram” claim simply moves to regress us back a stage, if it were true. You couldn’t have an infinite series of “hollograms” or “simulations” any more than an infinite series of anything else. As such, it does nothing to damage the argument; it is more or less irrelevant.

          • holly says:

            It is not a claim. It is rather another possibility which i do not believe you can say is any lower probability than the “god did it” hypothesis. The question of what lies outside this hologram or simulation is another step. But certainly not the first…

          • humblesmith says:

            The problem with the hologram theory is not its probability, but its dependence. Such a world, even if it exists, is still dependent on a prior cause. For the reasons stated in the post, an infinite series of prior causes is impossible, and there must be a first cause.

            We are dependent on a prior cause, therefore we are not that first cause, which is commonly called God.

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