A Sermon in Memory Of . . .

While this blog is normally apologetics philosophy, and culture, I am re-blogging this post in honor of a friend. Last week a fellow member of the apologetics community, Randy Hardman, lost his young wife in a tragic accident. In honor of her, I am reposting this today.


I preach almost every week. I always work hard, but alas, there are some weeks when (for whatever reason) sermons are more effective than others. And then there are those times when something you write, and then preach is used by God in an incredible way to do only what he can do. Such was the case on Monday when I preached at my friend, Bethany’s funeral. She was my parishioner, but also my friend. Lots of people have thanked me for this message, but really, I am thankful to God for the power of Christ in me, and for the beauty of Christ in Bethany’s life. WHen I wrote it, it came with great ease, not so much any talent or skill on my part, but the amazing work of the Spirit to use me to do precisely what he knew the 400+ people at the funeral would need…

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One Response to A Sermon in Memory Of . . .

  1. Nate says:

    Very sorry to hear about your friend’s wife.

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