Is Religion Stagnant? CanTechnology Solve Our Problems?

I recently saw a statement from some anonymous internet sage who pointed out that there are many technological advances done by people who want change and were energetic enough to work at developing the technolgy, but religion had not changed since they were started. The general idea was that religion is stagnant, and if you want to get something done it will be by hard work developing technology, and not through religion.

There are several problems with this view. First, and most importantly, technology can give us wonderful modern gadgets, but technology is totally incapable of showing us how to use it. We can figure out how to make something, but whether that something is a good idea or a curse to mankind is not something technology can answer. Technology can figure out how to make better gunpowder and nuclear energy and ways to drain a swamp, but whether these things ought to be done falls completely outside the realm of technology.

Second, while it is true elements of religion are generally the same, not all of them are. The protestant reformation changed Christianity and all of Europe along with it.

Third, even if religion does not change, it is because people do not change. We still have the same passions as people 4000 years ago. We still struggle with jealousy, thievery, misguided ambitions, and megalomaniacs. That foreign leader or politician that you hate is doing similar things to what the ancient Greeks wrote about in their plays. Scriptwriters have been re-hashing variations on the same themes as ancient man. We find the movies appealing because human passions have not changed.

So the Bible cannot give us a faster computer, but it can give us the answer to that marriage that is about to break up, and how to get out of debt, and that we ought to love our neighbor. These things will not change with technology.


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One Response to Is Religion Stagnant? CanTechnology Solve Our Problems?

  1. One interesting problem is simply the experience of diversity. We sometimes think that it’s just such a shame that we have so many Christian denominations and so many other religions all in one country. “Wouldn’t it be great if we have only one belief and one religion as it was in the time of the early Christians?” No, it wasn’t in the time of the early Christians. The early Christians had a hard time to discuss with each other, fight with each other to establish certain patterns and criteria for the organization of community, what was important in the churches. Was it indeed important that churches established mutual responsibility for each other and care for the poor as part of their dossier? This is what they’re supposed to do. And that discussion in our church was very helpful twelve years ago, when we discussed whether we should open a shelter for homeless people in the basement of our church.

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