Empirical Knowledge

We cannot use empirical knowledge to conclude that non-empirical knowledge does not exist.


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8 Responses to Empirical Knowledge

  1. Mike says:

    We cannot use the bible to prove that the bible is real.

  2. Grundy says:

    By the same logic, non-empirical knowledge is not accessible to us and we can’t possibly say anything about its existence….so what’s the point?

    • humblesmith says:

      “By the same logic non-empirical knowledge is not accessible” applied to the statement in this post is a non-sequitur.

      Non-empirical knowledge includes such things as knowledge of our own feelings and mathematics. Such knowledge is entirely possible.

      • humblesmith says:

        The point, by the way, is that scientists and popular-level atheist writers are notoriously inexperienced in philosophy, and repeatedly make the mistake of thinking that they can use empirical knowledge to prove that non-empirical knowledge does not exist. If we can just get people like Dawkins to stay within the realm of what he can demonstrate empirically, he would not make such big mistakes.

        Knowledge of God exists in the realm of non-empirical knowledge……..at least with the qualification that God’s effects can be known empirically, but as I’m sure you well know, God’s effects are much disputed.

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