Did Abraham Lincoln Really Exist?

A new Facebook page for the truly rational skeptic. It’s description is “A page for freethinking, rational skepticism toward the myth of Abraham Lincoln’s existence and the stories attributed to him. Belief in Abraham Lincoln is the most malevolent of all mind viruses.”

Of course, we freethinkers are above such naive, neanderthal idiocy, such as using their own books to try to prove the Lincoln myth. Be prepared: the moronic unthinking Lincolnists use “faith” instead of reason, and could be trying to infect your neighborhood.

You can find more enlightenment here: https://www.facebook.com/alincolnism


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6 Responses to Did Abraham Lincoln Really Exist?

  1. M. Rodriguez says:

    UMMM. u might want to check the facebook post again. cause it looks to be christian facebook, designed on mocking atheist position of lacking a belief. Because if you look at the comments, many of them are famous atheist quotes but in reference to Lincoln

    • humblesmith says:

      Don’t tell me you believe in this silly lincoln myth? And let me guess……you “believe” it because you were told it as a little kid, and because you read it in a book that was written by others who also believed the lincoln myth?

      I used to believe like you. I urge you to do like me and use reason to finally come out of the Stone Age and base your knowledge on reason, not belief in some old myth that is full of contradictions.

  2. portal001 says:

    clever, but our eternal salvation doesn’t rest on Abe existing

    Also, the photos of him are far more validating than other historical figures. We are not asked to believe in Abe, follow Abe and tell others about Abe. If we don’t believe in him, we are not eternally seperated from him in torment and considered evil.

    Abe was not considered to have created the whole universe, to have walked on water, to have risen from the dead. It is not believed Abe will one day return to seperate humanity. It is not believed he is the Way, the Truth and the Life. It is not believed that Abe is the centrepiece of life, come in human form to save all humanity from itself.

    Whether Abraham Lincoln exists does not rest on how conduct the rest of our entire lives, and will determine where we are placed in eternity.

    But yeah, I can see the comparison :I

  3. portal001 says:

    Plus there are probably myths that surround the stories of Lincoln. There probably are a lot of patriotic myths people attribute to him.

    There can be value in myths. They can encourage people to be better members of a society, through the example of an ideal.

    However believing in Lincoln will probably not be the main focus of a person’s whole life. It may be a source of inspiration, but the belief in Lincoln will probably not permeate a persons every important action.

    A belief in a President will probably not shape how they intrinsically view themselves as human beings. People I assume do not pray to Abe, or give up their lives for his very existence.

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