Who is Being Reasonable Here?

An interesting thought from the news.

Atheist MIT physicist Max Tegmark did a study on religion and science, and published the results. His short article about the response he recieved can be found in a short article titled “Attack of the Angry Atheists.” His summary was that he got more irrational criticisms from atheists than from Christians. This sentence was especially telling: “Most atheists advocate for replacing fundamentalism, superstition and intolerance by careful and thoughtful scientific discourse. Yet after we posted our survey report, ad hominem attacks abounded, and most of the caustic comments I got (including one from a fellow physics professor) revealed that their authors hadn’t even bothered reading the report they were criticizing.”

My admittedly limited anecdotal experience confirms this. Those of us in the apologetics community experience a great deal of emotional ad hominem attacks from the atheist community. In past generations, Christians like G. K. Chesterton were able to be longtime friends of severe atheists like Bertrand Russel, George Bernard Shaw, and Clarence Darrow. Chesterton had public debates with these atheists, but also socialized with them in an ongoing friendly atmosphere, considering them private friends. Somehow I cannot imagine men like Richard Dawkins and his modern caustic atheist crowd having fun afternoons at the park with William Lane Craig. I submit that calm public and private discussion of our differences are preferred over the caustic name-calling that tends to increasingly be the norm today.



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