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Luke vs. The Common Skeptic

Bible critics are found most everywhere these days. Popular atheist circles are quick to criticize the Bible. The problem is with their level of criticism, which is significantly lacking. I have no issues with people who genuinely are seeking answers, … Continue reading

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Dear Atheists: Merry Christmas !

If people were bored enough and looked through this blog, they would find a host of posts about problems with atheism, skepticism, and non-belief. Those who disagree have not been shy with their responses. Nothing new there, anyone can find … Continue reading

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The Kalam & Uncaused Beginnings

A recent comment said the following: ““Everything that has a beginning has a cause” is an assumption, exactly as “everything in existence is finite.” Both are generalizations taken from what we know about reality and applied to what we don’t … Continue reading

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Is Christianity True Apart From The Bible?

Doug Beaumont has written a very interesting case for the validity of Christianity which you can find here. His conclusion is that we can build a strong case for Christianity without the need to defend the Bible. He calls it … Continue reading

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What Is The Meaning of Life?

I recently got a new phone. It contains a voice-activated help system which is quite useful. I can ask “where is the closest burger joint?” and it will give me a list of burger places and a map. I can … Continue reading

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The Kalam Argument & A Logic Lesson

First a bit of a logic lesson. Formal logic is a bit structured and tedious, but quite beneficial to learn. We are told that: 1. S is an M. 2. All M’s are P. 3. Therefore, S is P. This … Continue reading

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How Should We View Out of Body & Near Death Experiences?

I strive to do my best to avoid apologetic topics that hinge on experience, since one person’s experience can conflict with another person’s experience, and it is difficult to be objective in deciding which is genuine. So I never gave … Continue reading

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