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Can Natural Forces Produce Value Judgments About Pure Reason?

In The Abolition of Man, C. S. Lewis states “It is difficult to assign to instinct our attitude towards an object which exists only for reflective men.”(p.37-38). This passage is in the midst of Lewis work on showing the existence … Continue reading

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How Can God Have Emotions When He Knows Everything?

This is the next installment in an occasional series on answering questions from skeptics. How can God have emotions, such as jealousy, anger, and sadness, when He is omniscient? Since emotions are reactionary, how can God react when He already … Continue reading

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Scientists Say….But Do You Trust Them?

Modern culture views truth as having a gold standard, science. It measures all statements against scientific facts, accepting the ones that align with science and rejecting the ones that do not. Somewhere down the list are religious truths, which are … Continue reading

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How Can Heaven Be Utter Bliss When People You Love Are In Hell?

This question is posed by skeptics who, presumably, do not believe heaven or hell is real. If heaven is supposed to be so good, to the point of utter bliss, how can people enjoy this knowing that people they love … Continue reading

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Still Another Journey from Atheism to Christianity

Book Review Not God’s Type: A Rational Academic Finds A Radical Faith Holly Ordway Moody Publishers, 2010. 158 pages, $13,99 I’ve been reading this short book by Dr. Holly Ordway, in which she explains her journey from being an entrenched atheist to a joyous Christian. … Continue reading

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Questions On The Garden of Eden

A few questions, all related to the Garden of Eden, as the Bible describes it in Genesis 1-3. Modern studies prove that man originated out of Africa. Would this not refute the Genesis account of the Garden of Eden being … Continue reading

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If Jesus Fulfilled Prophecy, Why Did The Jews Reject Him?

Skeptics have proposed this question, and it is a legitimate one. If Jesus fulfilled the Old Testament prophecies so well, it would seem that the Jewish people would have followed Him. There are several reasonable answers to this question. First, … Continue reading

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