What is the Nature of our Struggle?

Most of this blog is spent making feeble attempts to do apologetics. Today’s topic is aimed at Christians. The link below is one of the more powerful messages I have heard in quite a long time. It is an appeal to the leaders of the conservative Christian church. This message will no doubt be controversial, and some will disagree. But this message is very needed, and I urge you to spend an hour of your life listening to this. I heard this message a week ago, and it has been running through my mind ever since. Oh that we would listen, and oh if I were to have the fire in the belly like this man. Please pass this along.

You can play the message Here.

If you want the file, you can find it Here.


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2 Responses to What is the Nature of our Struggle?

  1. John Paine says:


    Thanks for this post. Wow! I’m going to share it with some friends. I’ll be thinking about the challenge for some time to be sure. It’s quite convicting. We tend to give ourselves too many breaks as “witnesses,” and sometimes it takes a passionate plea to move us from our intellectual inertia.

    Here’s a much shorter, more toned down version (although I like the longer version better).

    Thanks and God bless.


  2. humblesmith says:

    Send the link to every pastor, professor, and thinker that you know.

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