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Elements Will Dissolve

In the Bible, 2 Peter 3:10 says, “But the day of the Lord will come like a thief, in which the heavens will pass away with a roar and the elements will be destroyed (melt, dissolve) with intense heat, and … Continue reading

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Can Miracles Happen?

Modern atheists and skeptics have no better case than that presented by the king of the skeptics, David Hume (d.1776). If we can refute Hume, we have refuted all. Section 10 of Hume’s An Enquiry Concerning Human Understanding is arguably the … Continue reading

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How Many Women Were At Jesus’ Tomb?

Much criticism has come from Bible critics about the number of women who are described to be at the tomb of Jesus on the morning He resurrected. This is a relatively easy answer, solved by (gasp!) reading the passages. The … Continue reading

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Francis Collins and Richard Dawkins

A pretty good article about Francis Collins. He has a few comments about Richard Dawkins. You can find it here. Keep in mind that Francis Collins is arguably the leading expert in the human genome, having been appointed by the … Continue reading

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One Difference Between Islam and Christianity

As I write this, there has been almost a week of violent protests across the Muslim world. The ambassador to Libya has been killed, the US embassy in Cairo was invaded, the US flag removed and destroyed, replaced by a … Continue reading

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A field of study called epigenetics has some interesting possibilities for theology. A recent New York Times article has a basic explanation. You can find it here. An article from theologian and philosopher Norman Geisler suggests a connection with epigenetics … Continue reading

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Junk DNA, Natural Selection, and Intelligence

As I write this, there has recently been a series of news articles in the popular media reporting a large study called ENCODE, which was a $288 million-dollar study of DNA. The news articles have, in general, reported that although … Continue reading

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