Sex News

A few interesting articles about sex-related issues.

First, a frank discussion from a child of two lesbian moms, talking about what it was like. It’s almost refreshing to hear a description without all the spin. You can find it here.

Next, regarding recognizing a sexual orientation because of feelings, it seems the slope has started to slip, as it inevitably must. The pedophiles are framing their arguments better. You can find that here. 

Of course, the polygamists will be in line for legalization first. See here.

In the category titled ‘Is this real or a parody?’ we find a list of college courses, many of which are focused on you-know-what. You can find the list here.


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One Response to Sex News

  1. dwwork says:

    We are often warned about making slippery slope arguments but it looks like we are on a downhill slide.

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