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Characteristics of a Dumb Church

Pretty good blog post over on another blog, explaining what happens when a church is not intentionally intellectual. You can find it here. I have seen many churches that have ‘feel good’ messages that are not discerning. If your church … Continue reading

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Nothing, Quantum Fluctuations, and the Cheshire Cat

We continue to see learned men claim that something can spring from nothing, but that nothing consists of quantum fluctuations. I have already written of this, which you can find here, and here, and here. A few things seem rather … Continue reading

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Thomas Misunderstood: Certainty of God From What Source?

Thomas Aquinas wrote a massive amount of material. He wrote much by dictating to scribes, and it is rumored that he could keep several going at once. Since he wrote many volumes, and it is written in a style that … Continue reading

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Greek Scholars & The Watchtower: Julius Mantey

¬†Julius Mantey was arguably the greatest Greek scholar of the 20th century. He was co-author of A Manual Grammar of the Greek New Testament, a Greek grammar that was in use for half a century to teach Greek in prominent … Continue reading

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Bad Objections: Nothing as a Cause of Something

A couple of pretty good videos from William Craig and an article on how modern atheists have started to redefine “nothing.” It is possible that the likes of Lawrence Krauss and Stephen Hawking have been using this switching of terms. … Continue reading

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In philosophy, you must start with, at a minimum,¬†1) you exist, and 2) there is a world out there that you can know something about. If you doubt or deny these things, you will never prove them through philosophy. Realism … Continue reading

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Jehovah’s Witnesses and the Coptic Translation

The Jehovah’s Witnesses, with their organization commonly called The Watchtower, have published a book they call The New World Translation of the Holy Scriptures. In it, they have John 1:1c saying “the Word was a god.” All other versions of … Continue reading

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