Burning Qurans or Burning People? (again)

As I write this, there has recently been a controversy that arose over some US soldiers who burned a Quran. Prisoners were writing in it, apparently plotting together, and when it was confiscated, it was destroyed. The populace rioted, and in the last two weeks six Americans have been killed. One news story claimed at least thirty people were killed. President Obama apologized and commanded that the US military leaders apologize also.

Besides the fact that the muslims had already desecrated the book by writing in it, the muslims blamed the US. Instead of demanding that the Afgans apologize to the US for the death of its soldiers, the US apologized to the Afgans. Further, it has long been the policy of the US military to burn Bibles that they have confiscated in Arab countries, and Christians barely whimper.

Of more importance is not the burning of books, but the burning of people. While the mainline press focuses on muslim riots over book burning, one muslim father attempted to burn his grown daughter to death for being “too emancipated.” The daughter claimed it was because she had been seeing a Jewish man. This was in France, which appears destined to become a muslim-dominated country. (read the story here). This is in addition to the burnings that apparently happen fairly regularly in muslim societies, several of which I have already written about here. For more updates on muslim atrocities, see www.answeringmuslims.com.

I am continually amazed that when Christians in the US merely stand and speak in the public square, we are shouted down and every means necessary is used to silence us. But when muslims riot, kill people, and threaten violence, the liberals in the west do their utmost to be respectful, then back away with their tails between their legs.


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One Response to Burning Qurans or Burning People? (again)

  1. R.Ross says:

    It is wise to be cautious about how such things are reported because it is difficult to know the full story of what happened. The fact is it is about more than burning a copy of the book – it is about the illegal and immoral invasion and occupation of Afghanistan by the US and its allies – done to prop up a stooge government which supports plans for an oil pipeline across the country.
    The Afghans are not stupid and what happens in such situations is also sourced in their hatred, understandably, of the occupier.
    Anyone who lives in a foreign country has to be respectful of the beliefs, values and ‘laws’ of that country. Anyone who burns a Koran in a Muslim country is both irresponsible and disrespectful, whatever the reason may be. Burn Hindu religious books in India and you would get the same response.
    And if Muslims invaded and occupied the US and burned the Bible for whatever reason, I have no doubt you would get the same sort of response from American Christians. People are emotionally sensitive when they live under occupation and see foreign soldiers controlling and killing, particularly when those soldiers represent another religion.
    Just because some Muslims may hold to backward ideas which amount to the worst misogyny in the world,(although Indian Hindus do the same thing) does not excuse the behaviour of those occupying their country. In fact, quite the opposite. The US soldiers and allied soldiers are meant to set an example – after all they come from the developed world and they should know better.
    And that is why, should bibles be burned or desecrated in anyway, Christians from the First World at least, should be mature and balanced enough to respond with discretion.
    And it is inciting hatred to list Muslim atrocities when you don’t balance it with atrocities committed by soldiers representing Christian America – the list is long. I would not have thought such demonisation was something Jesus Christ would indulge in.
    As to France being taken over by Muslims, I am surprised you would repeat such propaganda. Anyone who has ever been to France, and I have many times, knows how fanciful this propaganda is although I can understand that it does suit those who choose to believe in a Muslim threat.
    Perhaps what you do not factor in Humblesmith is that the reason so-called ‘liberals’ (that is an American term actually – in the rest of the West a liberal is a conservative) ‘back away’ is that they know the situation in Afghanistan is highly sensitive because of the US led occupation and they also know that Western actions, illegal and immoral wars in both Afghanistan and Iraq and support for Israel’s occupation and colonisation of Palestine and its oppression of the Palestinians (many of whom are Christian actually) and human rights abuses and war crimes carried out against them and neighbours, Muslim nations, does create a ‘tinderbox’ effect and ‘stepping back’ is not only courteous but wise.
    At this point in history what Muslims see is Christian USA leading a deadly crusade involving other countries with large Christian populations as allies, against Muslim nations in order to control supplies of oil and to increase and maintain the American military hegemonic footprint.
    What amazes me is how controlled Muslims actually are against this ‘war’ or rather, these wars, which have killed millions of them in the past decade or so.
    Perhaps this is a reality that what you call liberals know only too well. I would also add, however primitive and backward some Muslim beliefs may be in Afghanistan and other places there is a reason for it – US led support for the tyrannies which run these countries has prevented them from developing to the place where you and I sit as citizens in free and democratic nations. In fact, quite the opposite. The US, despite its claims to support freedom has actively worked to prevent democracies in countries where it sees its interests best served by maintaing puppet leaders – Saudi Arabia being a classic example, as was Iraq under Saddam Hussein (he would not toe the line on oil plans so they got rid of him); Egypt under Mubarak and so it goes.
    A little more research and a little more balance HS would be in everyone’s interests and would better reflect the way Jesus approached life: ‘Love thine enemies,’ ‘turn the other cheek’ etc., the best of his teachings and the ones which Christians seem so easily to forget as they wage war to serve their own interests.

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