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Richard Dawkins, God, and Blind Indifference

At the recent atheist rally in Washington, DC, keynote speaker Richard Dawkins was quoted as saying the following: “The universe we observe has precisely the properties we should expect if there is, at bottom, no design, no purpose, no evil … Continue reading

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Diversity to An Insane Extreme

Universities all across the US have begun to force religious student organizations to allow non-members of their respective faiths to be officers of the organization. Universities are systematically going through the student organization rules and making policies that prohibit the … Continue reading

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Is Jesus Resurrection Account A Copy of Pagan Myths?

My friend and fellow Ratio Christi director Eric Chabo writes the following T.N.D. Mettinger, a Swedish scholar, professor of Lund University, and member of the Royal Academy of Letters, History, and Antiquities in Stockholm, wrote one of the academic treatments of … Continue reading

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An Embarrassing Complication

In Colin Hemer’s landmark book The Book of Acts In The Setting Of Hellenistic History, Hemer evaluates the New Testament book of Acts, slicing and dicing it twelve ways to Sunday. He puts the book under the trained microscope of a first-rate … Continue reading

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Two Christians Discuss Inerrancy

The scene: one day outside a theological meeting. Characters: TMVRDC: The Most Very Reverend Dr. Church, a prominent leader, highly educated and involved in the church organization. N: Newbie, a new attendee of the church. N: Sir, I have a … Continue reading

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Craig v. Shook: Reasonable?

Christians are constantly being derided by skeptics that we are not reasonable. In response, look at the following clip. We can only conclude that Dr. Craig is the reasonable one in this exchange. (By the way, I would not have used the … Continue reading

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Urgent Need

Christian apologetics ministries Ratio Christi, Stand4Truth.Net Apologetics Ministries, and True are combining to have some trained Christian apologists attend the upcoming atheist rally in Washington, DC. The rally is scheduled for March 24 on the mall in Washington, with … Continue reading

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