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What Does The Bible Say About Women? (part 2)

Yesterday’s post listed many Bible passages that demonstrate the high view of women that is held by the scriptures. As expected, the comments seemed to ignore these many passages, and go straight to the few that are not popular in … Continue reading

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What Does The Bible Say About Women? (Part 1)

What is the Biblical picture of women? People in our day forget how much of human history has discriminated against women. Within the last hundred years in the United States, there was a time where banks would not give women … Continue reading

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Is All That Exists God?

Is all that exists God? Is it the case that everything that exists a part of God? Or part of “the one” of God? Is it the case that all people are of one being? If this were the case, … Continue reading

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Common Questions, with Answers

Today I present comments that have been generated on other blog posts and the Christian responses to them. “It simply does not make sense if there is a God, intelligent force, cosmic consciousness etc., that everything should not be a … Continue reading

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Not sure who created this originally, but it was floating around the apologetics circles. Most apologists find this funny, since it is so descriptive of what we’ve all experienced.

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Personal Apologetic

Most of this blog is focused on attempting to present evidence that is logical, empirical, historical, and otherwise as verifiable and undeniable as possible. Christianity does not shy away from this, for much of the apostles’ efforts and writings were aimed … Continue reading

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Earliest New Testament Document Discovered?

Dr. Daniel Wallace of Dallas Theological Seminary is a leading Bible document scholar and author of standard Greek language textbooks. For quite some time he has been a leader in an effort to find, list, and make public all Bible … Continue reading

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