An Open Letter To Supporters of Form Criticism

I understand that, because of your methodology, you generally do not believe the Bible is true, or at least hold portions of it as not really happening in history. That is fine, it really is. I have absolutely no issue with you not knowing if the Bible is true, for there are many people who either hold the Bible as untrue or do not know know whether it is true. As far as I am concerned, you and I can live very peacefully. The only thing I ask is that you do not teach the Bible.

Look at it this way: if I were to say that I do not hold to the rules of golf, or believe that rules 14 and 17 are not really rules of golf and should not be in the rule book, the golfers of the world would generally not have an issue with me. But they would ask me to not become a golf instructor, for golf teachers should teach the rules as they appear in the rule book.

So if you do not hold the Bible as true, you and I can have a very peaceful relationship. I would be glad to discuss the factual nature of the Bible, I’ll even pay for the lunch. But if you do not hold the Bible true, do everyone a favor and do not teach the Bible.


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