Today I have a note directed at the apologetics community. written in a blunt style. I beg your patience and understanding.

I’m significantly disappointed in most of you. From reading the online discussions and comments about the current inerrancy issue, the vast majority have gotten caught up in the personalities of the people involved, rather than the theological and biblical impact of the issue.This is exactly what we are not supposed to do.

The apologetics community is supposed to be discerning, well-reasoned, and grounded in theology and bibliology. Yet most of the discussion has been at the same emotional level as the typical atheist. I urge you strongly to ignore the so-called “superstars” of the apologetics movement, put your thinking caps back on, and view this issue for what it could do to the future of evangelical views of the bible.

A very similar issue happened a century ago with higher criticism, and the implications were disastrous.  Where is our study of church history? Are we doomed to repeat the same mistake? Lately I’ve seen almost no discussion of the long-term impact of what is now labeled the apocalyptic method. Almost all the discussion has been shooting irrelevant, ad-hominem attacks at one of the participants.

As a community, we should be ashamed, for in this issue we’ve shown no more discernment than our usual gang of opponents.


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