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Inerrancy, Yet Again (Part 2)

Regarding the current inerrancy controversy, I submit the following comments and evaluations. The issue should become clearer as you read through my comments. Orthodoxy: Michael Licona and his supporters all appear to be well within the camp of the orthodox, … Continue reading

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Inerrancy, Yet Again (Part 1)

The issue of whether or not the Bible has factual errors has been debated for quite some time. In the last two months, the issue has grown again, this time a controversy has risen suddenly and tremendously, involving many well-known … Continue reading

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Evidence From Ancient Critics

In his book The Historical Jesus, author and ancient historian Gary Habermas quotes the following ancient source, Lucian, who was a critic of Christianity. The Christians, you know, worship a man to this day — the distinguished personage who introduced … Continue reading

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Sandusky: Homosexual Molestation, Once Again

This week in the news there is yet another large scandal involving adult males molesting young boys. It seems this happens all too frequently: ten years ago it was priests, then every so often there is another case in the … Continue reading

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