I Don’t Believe In Richard Dawkins

Atheist author Richard Dawkins is arguably the most outspoken of the current crop of atheists. He has gotten quite a lot of mileage out of ridiculing religion in general and Christianity in particular. His writings are rather heavily sprinkled with emotionalism, so much so that more cold-blooded atheists are distancing themselves from him.

Dawkins is getting a bit of bad press these days for his refusal to debate Christian apologist and philosopher William Lane Craig. Craig has made a specific point to challenge all of the most well-known of the current crop of atheists. If I were Dawkins, I would not debate Craig either, especially after Sam Harris’ rather disappointing performance against Craig.  Dawkins writings are filled with a lot that tastes good to those who do not know the history of the arguments, but to the more philosophically and apologetic minded, his work is not very challenging.

Dawkins has recently posted a short article in The Guardian giving reasons for why he will not debate Craig. He says that none of the philosophy professors he knows has ever heard of Craig, and then proceeds to spend the rest of the article arguing against Craig.

Really, Richard? None of your friends have ever heard of him? Craig’s website has a listing of all of Craig’s publications…..108 articles in peer-reviewed philosophy journals, besides the books, lectures, and society memberships. You will not speak with him, yet you take potshots at him in popular newspapers?

Somehow I find your statement to ring a bit hollow.






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