Guards for Prayer Service?

Today’s news reports said that heavy guards were placed today outside of mosques in Syria to prevent protests after Muslim prayer services. “Protests” really means riots. I was immediately reminded of a large Muslim uprising against Israel years ago that began when a large group of men were reported to have poured out of a mosque, starting a series of riots that lasted for many months. So it appears that the way to keep peace in some Muslim areas is to post heavy guards outside of mosques.

Somehow the idea of a riot starting after a “prayer service” is a bit out of place. Or at least it should be, since the general idea of prayer is one of peace. But somehow Muslim prayer services sometimes erupt into riots. It does not take too much to determine that they are doing more than praying at Friday prayer service.

Compare this to Christian churches. I can think of nowhere that military guards have to be placed outside of Christian churches to prevent the churchgoers from rioting in the street after Sunday services.

One has only to compare the teachings of Jesus and Mohammad to see the difference. Large sections of the Quran speak of violence against the enemy, while Jesus tells us to love our enemies, to do good to those who persecute us.



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