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Prophecy Demonstrates The Accuracy of the Bible

One of the greatest substantiations of the Bible is the accurate prediction of the future, which was a sign of a true prophet of God. Those who made predictions that did not come true were considered false prophets and rejected. … Continue reading

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Historical Evidence for The Resurrection of Jesus

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I Don’t Believe In Richard Dawkins

Atheist author Richard Dawkins is arguably the most outspoken of the current crop of atheists. He has gotten quite a lot of mileage out of ridiculing religion in general and Christianity in particular. His writings are rather heavily sprinkled with … Continue reading

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Another Poor Bible Translator

I was reading a popular news website and came across a headline which read “Five Ways Your Bible Translation Distorts The Original Meaning of the Text.” It turns out the article is from a writer published on The Huffington Post, … Continue reading

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Why Do Atheists Talk So Much About Religion?

Why is it that atheists talk so much about religion? It strikes me that they are always going on and on about religion, sometimes more than the Christians. It further strikes me that many of the atheists I encounter are … Continue reading

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Is Mormonism a Cult?

This week at a prominent political event, an evangelical pastor was introducing a candidate for president and mentioned that Mormonism was a cult and not Christian. The media picked up on this and reported it extensively. Most of the candidates … Continue reading

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Is Science Objective? Or Does It Have An Emotional Bias?

A. F. Chalmers has a popular book on the nature of science, What Is This Thing Called Science? In the book, Chalmers discusses all the essential views on the philosophy of science and explores how we should interpret the work … Continue reading

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