No Jailtime For Woman Who Strangled Infant, Due To Abortion

It’s finally happened……..a woman strangled to death a newborn and will get no jail time. You can read about it here. Apparently because she did not want the child, she strangled the newborn to death and threw the body away. As punishment, she will not be executed as she should, nor will she spend any time in jail as she should, but will only get probation.

What Francis Schaeffer said back in the early 1980s has proven true: when we cheapen life by allowing parents to kill unborn children and the elderly, the inevitable result is that more and more people will be killed for no other reason than they are unwanted. God help us.

Meanwhile, thousands of parents who cannot have children will spend millions of dollars trying to adopt a baby, since there are very few due to parents voluntarily killing their children.


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3 Responses to No Jailtime For Woman Who Strangled Infant, Due To Abortion

  1. Ryan says:

    Have to ask, is there more to it than that?

    What were circumstances of the death?

    • humblesmith says:

      From the couple of news articles, it appears that Canadian law allows for the charge of murder or “infanticide,” a lesser charge. The charges went back and forth through the courts through about three trials that kept getting appealed. In the final trial, the judge ruled that since the woman was under stress and had no support, then the strain of having a child justified sympathy for the mother. She got a three year suspended sentence. So in the end, it really is just as simple as saying that the mother was under stress and therefore justified in killing her infant after it was born.

      This has been predicted for years, with radical liberals saying that it should happen, and radical conservatives predicting it would. It has now happened: those who are unwanted are allowed to be killed, justified by individual rights of the killer.

      And it is so boring to people that it doesn’t even make most of the news sources.

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