Atheist-of-the-Gaps theory

A news report quotes an astronomer as saying he has demonstrated evidence that the universe is growing older. Fewer stars are forming, which shows that the universe is gradually running down, as all natural systems do. See the news report here.

This is further evidence that the second law of thermodynamics is still in effect. The evidence that the universe is running down proves that the universe is not eternal, but rather began a finite time ago. Atheists have tried to hold to an everlasting universe, one which just keeps running and running without beginning nor end. But the evidence for the big bang combined with evidence that the universe is running down all point to the conclusion that the universe began, and did so a finite time ago. If the universe were infinitely old, it would have run out of energy an infinitely long time ago. Since it has not, we can know it began. Things that begin must have a beginner, for something cannot come from nothing.

The atheists go to great lengths to try to avoid the obvious conclusion. They try to appeal to little-proven theories of quantum mechanics. This is an interesting reversal of the “god of the gaps” theory. When Christians point to evidence of a designer, atheists have long rejected these claims as ‘god of the gaps’ theories, saying that since we do not yet understand what caused some natural event, Christians are merely pointing to a gap in knowledge and saying “god did it!” while holding to their faith without evidence. Well, it would appear that the atheists are making a similar claim. When the natural evidence points to a claim that destroys their pet naturalistic dogma, they grasp at unproven theories in an attempt to disprove what the evidence is clearly pointing toward:  Some being outside the universe caused it to come to be.

The New Testament is then proven true, when it says men suppress the truth.


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6 Responses to Atheist-of-the-Gaps theory

  1. Mark says:

    Considering most atheist are scientific and view the universe through observable means, atheists do not believe in an ever lasting univese. You might want to look up the big bang theory, the idea that the universe is expanding, and that it could possibly collapse on itself.

  2. John says:

    Perhaps there is in fact a first mover, though I doubt it. Let’s assume there is because that’s where theists like to start from. It seems to me like a huge leap of logic takes place when thinking about a personal God and ‘the first mover’. If something were able to exist outside of the known universe in a way that enables it to be classed as ‘the first mover’ then it necessarily must also be perfectly moral, omniscient and omnipotent right? Wrong. For all we know, the first move that eventually lead to our creation could be the result of a powerful and huge being breaking wind and setting our section of the universe in motion. Nothing about this scenario points to a personal, loving friend who knows all about every single person who has ever existed. Perhaps a further being from wherever this huge, wind-breaking being came from was blown to our section of the universe too who then decided to add in some design features. Nothing about this second being, despite designing the laws of nature, points towards a loving friend or omnipotent, omniscient God. The arguments from cosmology and/or teleology are weak even in conjunction towards proving beyond all doubt that there is a personal all powerful, all knowing God. Faith will always be required for a relationship with God.

  3. Correct me if I’m wrong but my understanding of the physics is that Alvin Borde and Alexander Vilenkin have shown mathematically that ANY universe that is on average inflating MUST have had an absolute beginning (that is a point at which space-time-matter-energy came into existence). This removes the possibility of avoiding the beginning with oscillating models etc. and has caused widespread consensus among physicists that there was an absolute beginning. There is NO escape from the beginning, and mathematically no hope of finding an escape. Choose a worldview accordingly.

  4. Mike says:

    “little-proven theories of quantum mechanics”

    Wrong again here. Quantum mechanics is the most successful scientific theory to date and has provided the most accurate predictions.

    Don’t believe me? Google it!

    And read these papers:

    Since you obviously don’t do your homework before writing here, why should your blog continue to be taken seriously? You need to redeem yourself by getting factually correct.

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