Why Has Our Culture Changed So Dramatically?

In 1957, the Everly Brothers recorded a song called Wake Up Little Suzie, a song about a boy and a girl on a date that fell asleep and didn’t wake up till early in the morning. The song suggested that the couple slept together accidentally, but the song did not say anything specific or use any shocking words. Wake Up Little Suzie was nevertheless banned in Boston, and some people found it shocking that a song on the radio would suggest such actions that society thought to be immoral.

In the mid-1960’s, John Lennon was quoted as saying that he felt the Beatles were more important to kids than Jesus. It created a media backlash, and some radio stations stopped playing the music for a while and destroyed the records.

Change the scene to the present. I was walking through a store parking lot recently and a car drove by with very loud rap music playing extremely vulgar lyrics. This song was so explicit and vulgar that I am not sure I could describe what it was saying in any language that was not vulgar. No one batted an eye, no protests happened, nothing was banned in Boston or anywhere else.

Why has our society changed, and changed so quickly? Regardless of whether you agree or disagree about whether the change in morals is good, we can all agree that a dramatic change has happened in western culture, and the change happened in about one generation. Have other cultures changed so dramatically so quickly, such as asian, arabic, or mid-eastern cultures? Why would ours change and not theirs?

Will such a dramatic change impact our society in concrete ways?

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3 Responses to Why Has Our Culture Changed So Dramatically?

  1. Ben says:

    When my children were little I explained to them from the Bible with words to the affect that letting yourself be overexposed to things that would normally make you blush/or be ashamed of would lessen the your reaction to those types of things. Eventually things that you might have thought wrong, shocking or would make you blush will seem like nothing at all. Your tolerance or acceptance of things that are not good will begin to change and therefore your moral standard will not be as high. Shyness can be a good thing and it is noticed from other people how you react to things, such as if you paid no attention to someone using filthy language or being suggestive in front of you compared to if you turned red/blushed and were uncomfortable with it. People, whether those doing it or others that are around, will notice these signs and will judge your standards by them. Also know that those that really care about you and respect who you are will not want to make you uncomfortable or take what is pure about you and contaminate it. So don’t subject yourself to situations that will end up acclimating you to undesirable things. I can’t remember the passage I used as an example to tell this story to them, wish I could…
    1) I think people have been so exposed to immoral things so often that they end up thinking little or nothing about them.
    2) I have been known to not be too “shy” about telling people to turn that dirty rap stuff down, especially when it was in front of kids when they were little …Ha…what does that say about my exposure? No Fear…Ha
    3) Yes, I believe it will get worse as the negative exposure increases and advances like a downward spiral effect on individuals.

  2. I believe we are seeing a very old phenomenon that is bearing fruit as it matures. The seeds for this sinfulness were planted millennia ago and now, as we approach the end of the age, we see mankind reaping a bountiful harvest of sin and rebellion as prophesied in the Bible. I sincerely believe it will get worse before it gets better and the better will only come through the direct intervention of the Lord Jesus Christ.

  3. Don B says:

    Peer Pressure
    Lack of consistent Godly role-modeling
    The Bandwagon marketing approach
    Psychological needs not being met
    Natural, inborn tendency to rebel
    Mental ‘decay’

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