List of Self-Refuting Statements

Here is a list of self-refuting statements which I have shamelessly borrowed from my friend John Ferrer’s page on Facebook. A self-refuting statement is a statement which if true, contradicts what it means. A self-refuting statement is nonsense, being an empty statement that says nothing meaningful. If you read the first few, you will get the idea. Some of these one might take issue with the technical definitions of the words, or claim the only work when spoken. I merely post these as an interesting reading in logic. What is more interesting is that some of the brightest thinkers in all of history have written long complex books trying to support some of these claims.

  • This statement is false.
  • All knowledge is bound by perspective.
  • Don’t obey me.
  • Science is the only means of knowledge.
  • Communication is impossible.
  • I can’t speak a word of English
  • All truth is relative.
  • There is no objectivity.
  • Everything is opinion
  • You can’t know the real world.
  • I don’t exist.
  • Nothing exists.
  • There is no truth.
  • Truth is just “that which works.”
  • Truth is just “what feels right.”
  • Truth is just “that which coheres.”
  • The principle of non-contradiction is false.
  • Men always lie.
  • You can’t know anything about God.
  • Nothing can be known of reality.
  • I don’t believe anything.
  • Propositions cannot be true.
  • This person needs no introduction. [Strollerguy]
  • I’m not going to respond to that. [Strollerguy]
  • In all honesty none of us will ever find the truth. [Animusart]
  • There’s no final interpretation of a text.
  • Words are useless.
  • God is totally unknowable.
  • I can’t talk with you right now.
  • Logic is false.
  • Statements about God are meaningless
  • All genuine propositions must be empirically testable. (Principle of Verifiability)
  • The nature of reality makes metaphysics impossible.
  • I am not who you think I am
  • I’m not saying a word.
  • Words are meaningless
  • Logic does not always apply.
  • You shouldn’t believe a word I say.
  • Here with Ultimate Fighting Championship, Safety is our number one concern.
  • I don’t believe in the law of non-contradiction.
  • Absolute truth does not exist.

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4 Responses to List of Self-Refuting Statements

  1. Christopher says:

    Nice list.
    You can’t be sure of anything.

  2. I kind of don’t get how “I am not who you think I am” is self-refuting. Please explain!

    • humblesmith says:

      You are correct, this is a poor example. I think the original idea was that the statement actually meant something like “I am not who I am” or would have to mean that what you think I am is true, but I’m not who you think I am. As worded, it’s a poor example and should not have been on the list.

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