For The Record: Homosexuality

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3 Responses to For The Record: Homosexuality

  1. Raphael says:

    Your use of this video reflects your character as a human being, and to be quite honest, it is extremely disgusting as well as disturbing. This man believes that “ex-gays” are real because he works with them. No, they are people who are repressing their innate and born sexual desire of the same sex. It is because sociopath, societal conservatives that gay people are shamed into feeling like they were different and had to conform to some “normal” ideology. For a group of people that push for the “truth,” Christian’s have a hard time accepting it. There is significant scientific data that records homosexuality in humans as well as many different species of animals. But if it doesn’t fit your ideology, I can understand why you would cast it aside. It is the hard, scientific evidence that scares you into your retroactive, obsessive, and oppressive views.

    • humblesmith says:

      For some reason I sense that you do not embrace the diversity of opinions different than yours. Perhaps you should consider diversity training.

      • Raphael says:

        If diversity training means that I will get a bible thumping lesson in how there is only one path in the world and all else is wicked and therefore should be oppressed and progress should be slowed if it goes against what I believe, then I think I will sit that one out. I enjoy the diversity of many people. I have a feeling that you don’t, however. Sure, you may enjoy people of different faiths and sexualities, but deep down you have a strong desire to have them accept one god. It runs all throughout your blog. So, if anyone needs a lesson in diversity, that would be you.

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